Kelly, Matt, Ace & Rusty

Kelly, Matt, Ace & Rusty
I love my family. My husband and my two little boys are the most important things in my life. I love them with all mny heart, how can I not they are so cute!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Favorites!

Baby Rusty February 14th. Sleeping peacefully after his dinner.

Baby Rusty giving you a half smile......or maybe it is gas?

Sleeping in my arms earlier today February 14th. What a snuggler, just like his big brother Ace.

My two boys! Ace & Rusty

Ace loves Rusty. He always wants to help feed him and hold him and help "change his bum" He is a good big brother. The first day we brought Rusty home Ace asked if Rusty could take a bath with him I said no he can't he is too little, then he said "Oh, can he play in my room with me?" I said no Ace he can't walk around yet. Ace was really disappointed. He can't wait to play with him.
Ace and Rusty watching TV on my bed.

How Nice it is to Be Home!

Rusty loves his glider, he sits in here and just falls asleep, wish it was me! He is such a good baby, we are still getting our routine worked out but he is very happy most of the time and he loves just sitting with us watching everything.

Rusty is home!

We had a hard time picking out his outfit, this is the one we ended up choosing. All the nurses thought he looked so cute. Rusty was able to come home Thursday night February 12th at 8:00pm. We went up to the hospital and they had us watch a CPR for infants video, I think this is a great idea, all parents should watch this. Then we were able to dress him for the first time and take him home! It was very exciting.
This is the car seat we used for Ace when he was a baby. He came home from Ogden Regional in this one too. Rusty looks so small in here, we had to tighten the straps a lot! Isn't he so cute?

Baby Rusty 2*8*09

Today I went up to the hospital about 1 and was able to feed and hold Rusty again! He gets cuter every day and he looks so good today. The doctor said his infection is cleared and the inflammation in his lungs is going down. He is off his antibiotics now and they are slowly taking him off the oxygen. Hopefully he just needs a few more day to regulate his breathing and he can come home! We are expecting Tuesday but that is not set in stone. They might need to send him home on oxygen, and that is okay I am sure we can handle it, but we hope he gets everything worked out up there at NICU just so we know he is okay. Can't wait for everyone to see him.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baby Rusty 2*7*09

Today Sat 2*7*09 Matt and I went up around 1 to see Rusty, Matt was so excited to see him today and as soon as he went in the nurse let him feed and change Rusty! Matt did a wonderful job! Rusty is eating well and he had his eyes opened a lot today. I went back up about 6 and fed him again and changed him, boy can he eat! He can also fart and burp loud too! Before we left he wanted to eat again and needed another diaper least we know all the plumbing is working well! haha. The doctors took an xray last night at midnight and said that they were concerned that his hard breathing was indicating pneumonia. But he is okay, he juist needs a little more time to recover from his infection. He is eating well and his oxygen is still going, so are his antibiotics but his IV fluids are still off and he seems to improve each day! They have not given an expected go home date, but we will keep you posted we want him all better before we bring our cute little guy home.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Baby Rusty 2*6*09

Rusty is doing really well today 2*6*09. He has graduated to a crib ( I call it a large tupperware container) He is off his IV fluids, still on a little oxygen and antibiotics. They said he is doing better, not yet were they can take him off the antibiotics. He is breathing well and I was able to feed him today and hold him again. He is soooo cute!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Baby Rustys Story 2*5*09

Rusty was born 2 weeks early, he was having a little bit of trouble moving his oxygen through his body. He went over to the NICU about 30 min after he was born and there he will stay until he is ready to come home. They waited until Thursady afternoon about 3pm to feed him since he does have some sort of infection going on. They have him on oxygen but continue to decrease that as he improves. We are not sure how long he will have to stay, but we will know more after the lab work tomorrow. All the nurses say he is a big baby, they are used to 4 pound babies over there! They say he is not too critical and they expect him to be moved from the incubator to a crib in the next few days and then hopefully he will be able to come home next week sometime! We can't wait for him to come home, it is so hard being home without him. I forgot how fast you fall in love with your baby! We love you Rusty and can't wait till you come home.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby Rusty!

Baby Rusty was born 2 weeks early, to my surprise on Tuesday February 3rd @11:30pm. He was 6 lbs. 15 ounces (he would have been 7 pounds but he had to pee on everything before they weighed him) he is 19 3/4 inches long.This picture was taken only minutes after he was born.

This is Rusty over in NICU, resting comfortable now that he can breath a little easier.

Rusty is still doing well and continues to improve everyday, we can't wait to take him home.

I changed him for the first time Weds afternoon, and watched them feed him for the first time Thurs afternoon.

Hopefully he will come home next week. Isn't he sooooooo cute! Look at his dark hair.

Christmas Morning 2008

Ace was a little nervous since everyone was there to take his picture when he saw what Santa had left for him. Matt held his hand out into the living room.

Santa really did spoil him again this year.

He was so excited! He couldn't decide what to play with first.

Christmas 2008

We had to get a tree for this Christmas so we went to Robinson tree farm again in Layton. Ace found us a really good one.

He loved the train set we put up around our fake christmas tree in the front room. Yes we do have 2 trees, the fake one stays lit up a lot longer, if I left the real one up that long with that may lights it would die.

Ace opened his ornament the my mom bought him for this year and got to hang it on her Christmas tree.

Thanksgiving 2008!

Ace wanted to help during Thanksgiving, he helped Bart make the stuffing for the turkey.

Ace also wanted to help Caroline make the pumpkin pie.

A Hunting We Will Go.

Matt and his friends went hunting and came home with all these! Ace was really excited and ran outside in his PJ's to see all the ducks.

Then he wanted to hold one up for his picture!

Matt loves to hunt and Ace loves to see what daddy brings home! This time it was geese.

First Time at the Golf Course

Ace's first time using his golf clubs!

Matt was instructing Ace on how to use the clubs.

Schnider's Bluff has a putting green where Ace was practicing.

Look at him hit. How adorable...... Maybe he will be a pro golfer?

Ace and Mommy Time

Ace and I decided to do a foot spa night, with Mary Kay's satin hands lotion.

Look how cute this is, I had to put the foot spa on a box so it would be high enough for Ace to keep sitting on the couch.

Then we made brownies and at the chocolate off the mixer. What a fun night!

Halloween 2008

Ace was a cowboy for Halloween this year.

He went up to a lot of doors to Trick or Treat

Grandma Scoffield loaded him up with a lot of candy too!

Which he couldn't wait to eat, so he ate it in the car on the way home!

Ace and McCoy

Ace enjoys watching his shows on TV (movies usually cars or toy story) this other cute little boy belongs to our friend Chase. His name is McCoy and he and Ace play really well together when they come over, it is really cute.

We decided to eat some goldfish and watch a movie, Ace had his friends over!

Yellow Stone September 2008

Ace went to Yellowstone this year for my sister's wedding. We have never been there so it was like another vacation for us. We were able to get really close to all the wild animals. Across this little river is a big elk taking an afternoon nap.

We watched Old Faithful go up as well.

Matt, Kelly and Ace at Old Faithful.
Matt and Ace at Old Faithful. We had a cute backback leash for Ace, I didn't want him taking off and falling in a hot pot or something.

Yellow Stone September 2008

Ace loves Bears, so we went to the bear park across from the condos we were staying in.

Ace shaking hands with the bear outside of the bear park.

Ace is sooooooo cute!

This is a bear trap, seems to me we have caught another wild animal in there!

Stake Camp 2008!

Grandpa Bart, Matt and Ace all in the boat!
Matt and Ace late night fishing at Lyman Lake!

They never caught anything, but I guess they still had a lot of fun!

Matt was showing Ace how to reel in the fish, just in case they caught one.

Look at his cute fishing vest!