Kelly, Matt, Ace & Rusty

Kelly, Matt, Ace & Rusty
I love my family. My husband and my two little boys are the most important things in my life. I love them with all mny heart, how can I not they are so cute!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Halloween 2007

Ace was a pirate for Halloween this year, he couldn't decide what weapon to use the gun or the sword! So he took them both!

Can't wait to grow up!

Ace loves hanging out with his daddy and even though they were in the garage working on the boat you can tell by this picture that Ace knows to look to the sky for the geese! Ace was babysitting the puppy and practicing aiming for the geese and ducks. A hunter in training.

Stake Camp 2007

Me, Matt and Ace and Stake Camp 2007. We always go up to Lyman Lake every fall to spend time with the rest of the Peterson Family. Ace loves being able to go fishing and spend time with everybody! Its nice to get away from home and spend time with our family.
Baby Ace 2007

Ace and I had a blast fishing at Lake Lyman. It was a little windy this day, but still fun.

I love this picture. My 2 favorite people in the whole world. I love what a great dad Matt is and that he wants to share all the things he loves with Ace and I. I am excited for Ace to get older each year and know that he will always be able to spend time camping and fishing with his daddy!

Ace and Matt Fishing at Lake Lyman 2007.

I wanna be a Cowboy Baby!

Greg was teaching Ace how to rope!
I think Ace may have roped his own feet cause he ended up on the floor!
A cowboy is always wearing his boots, even when he is not wearing anything else! That's my boy!

Or maybe a track outfit, cowboy boots still work right?

Ace's First Birthday!!!!

Even though as received a lot of wonderful gifts from his family and friends, the one thing he absolutely loved were the Balloons!

Ace's birthday was themed around work trucks.

He loved the frosting, what was I thinking getting him an orange cake? Talk about stains on that cute shirt of his!

But after seeing how much he enjoyed the cake, it was worth all the stains in the world. Anything to make my cute baby boy happy on his first birthday! Happy Birthday Ace you are 1 year old today. August 24, 2007!

Ace opened his first vehicle! His power wheel four wheeler. He loved this thing and rode it into all the walls in the house. He would get so frustrated because he did not know how to turn it, he would just get off and pull it backwards and then ride it forward into another wall.

My very most favorite thing to do!

Ace is such a blessing. He is the best kid in the whole world and what I love the most is that he is a snuggling freak. He loves to cuddle and snuggle with his mommy. Ace and I take naps every day that we are home together in the afternoon. Matt teases us and tells us we are lazy, and maybe we are but there is nothing I love more than spending time holding my cute baby boy while he sleeps in my arms. He is the cutest baby ever!

Ace and Ruger

Ace loves dogs! He loves playing fetch with Ruger. Ruger is not usually allowed on the bed, but when I came in and saw how cute this was, it was okay just this once. Ruger has always been really good with Ace. They are good friends.

Nothing like getting down and dirty

These are some of my favorite pictures of our summer in 2007. We took Ace camping for the first time in Logan Canyon which meant a lot to both Matt and I. My dad always took my brother, sister and I to Logan to camp when we were young, and Matts dad took him and his brothers and sister too. So this camping trip in Logan was really fun. Ace had a blast getting down and dirty, then grandma Carrie gave him a bath on the picnic table!

A few of Ace's Firsts!

Carrie, Kayla, Kelly, Lora and Baby Ace at Fourth of July Parade in Layton 2007
Ace watching his first fireworks for the Fourth of July at Barbara and Richard's house 2007

Ace's first tooth! How cute is that?

Ace's first Easter 2007! Look at this big basket of goodies the Easter Bunny brought him.

Ace, Grandma Wilcox & Harley

My mom is a horse trainer in addition to being a wonderful grandmother to my neice Carlye and baby Ace. Ace and I went to visit her at "the barn" Ace wanted to ride on the horse with Grandma so of course how could she say no. He thought it was really fun, just look at that smile. I think this picture shows how much he looks like his great grandpa Gerald Wilcox.

Grandpa & Ace May 2007

Ace loves his grandpa Wilcox..."papa" is what Ace calls his grandpa. He didn't however love his first time in the swimming pool at my mom's house. At times he thought this was really fun, but other times he was not so sure. This is his cute first swimming suit.....Spider Man

These are a few of my favorite things!

Ace loves his daddy and I am sure Matt was thrilled seeing Ace holding the remote control, wearing a baseball outfit and a camo hat! A little boy following in his daddy's footsteps.

Ace Spring 2007

Always a happy baby boy! The best thing about Ace is he is so easy going, he just hangs out and smiles all day long. He was the best baby, I think I was spoiled with such a great baby for my first!

Look at those Cute Dimples!

Baby Ace loved to jump in his jumperoo! He always had a huge grin on him, wow look at those dimples, he has to be the cutest thing ever......

My Baby Ace

This is Ace when he was about 4 1/2 months old. He is always smiling and happy. What a cute boy!