Kelly, Matt, Ace & Rusty

Kelly, Matt, Ace & Rusty
I love my family. My husband and my two little boys are the most important things in my life. I love them with all mny heart, how can I not they are so cute!

Monday, October 19, 2009

What a Wonderful Day with my Mommy!

I dont know how many of you know my mom, but she is the best mom ever! She always wants to hang out and go do fun things like go to Gardner Village, it was so fun. Thanks mom, we all had a blast and the kids passed out on the way home.
Me, my mom, Ace and Rusty at the petting zoo.

Grandma and the boys.

Ace and Grandma on the way out of Gardner Village, such a cute place to take pictures.

Rusty and Grandma at the pig pen in the petting zoo, this was Rusty's favorite part.

Ace was "dinging the bell" at least thats what he calls it. He had a great time.

The Witches of Gardner Village

Ace loved looking at the different Witches of Garden Village. This is such a cool place, if you haven't been there at Halloween time you should go.

These ones were okay for Ace, he must have felt comfortable they were behind the fence.

There was no way Ace would sit by this witch by himself. The wind was blowing and he kept thinking the spider was real.

He loved the baseball witches of course!

The witchy poo was one of my favorites!

Gardner Village Petting Zoo October 2009

Gardner Village is so fun around Halloween time, all the pumpkins and witches.....and this year there was a cute petting zoo. Ace and Rusty loved it, okay so did my mom and I.

Ace loved seeing all the different animals. He calls this one "the big lamb"

Rusty Man even liked the animals, this goat was so friendly, he let Rusty poke him in the eye a few times and he just stood there soaking up the attention.

This pony was adorable, she didnt even try to eat Ace's fingers. What a cute Pony!

This is Rusty man poking the goat in the eye. His way of showing affection. Haha

The pigs were cute too. This is the mommy pig, she had a lot of babies there also. What a fun day for only $2.00! Thanks Mom

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fishing Trip Summer 2009

Ace loves to go fishing, he was all ready for his 4 generation fishing trip on July 3rd, 2009.

He loves his fishing vest and of course this outfit would not be complete with out his Grandpa Scoffield look a like fishing hat!

Ace in the boat with his Papa Peterson

Ace, Papa Peterson and Great Grandpa Peterson

Great Grandpa Peterson, Papa (Bart) Peterson and Ace! Matt was taking the picture. What a great experience for Ace to go with his dad and both grandparents. Four generations fishing that is priceless to us!

Ace loves his Papa Peterson. So this day was the best for Ace.....Fishing and Grandpa all in one day!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Air Show 2009

Ace had a blast this year at the Airshow. I remember growing up on all the airforce bases and going to the Airshow every year, it was just something we always did. Then we moved here and we just fell out of the habit of going and now they only have them every 4 or 5 years. So I decided I couldn't pass up this chance to take my little man to the airshow.
He loved sitting in the helicopters and airplanes and pretending to fly them. I knew watching Top Gun as a baby woudl wear off on him!

Isnt he the cutest, looks like he belongs flying that plane.

Carlye and Ace by the Navy plane, we took this picture as a tribute to my brother Mike who is now in the Navy! He went to the airshow with us, it was a great family adventure.

This is Mike carrying Ace on his shoulders, walking in there were a lot of people and we didnt want Ace getting stepped on. My daddy is next to him holding my neice Carlye's hand. My dad loves the airshows just as much as Ace and I did!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Deja Vu!

Tonight after getting home from the airshow I put Rusty in his PJ's and then let him bounce around in the jumper as I got everything ready for bed! When I came out into the living room to get him I suddenly remembered he looked just like Ace in a picture I had taken almost 2 1/2 years ago.
Rusty about 4 months old.

This one is Ace about 5 or 6 months old. They look just alike huh? I am so glad I remembered this picture, it is one of my favorites and now I have one of Rusty like this too! Everyone says they look so different, but here I think they kinda look similar.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My little MVP of Baseball!

As most of you know Ace loves Baseball! He can throw a baseball like nobody's business! I love how active he is and how much he loves the same sport his daddy grew up playing. I hope one day Ace can play baseball and love it as much as we love watching him play!

He is now so good at throwing, we have to watch him in the house. He can break stuff now! Guess it wasnt such a good idea to let him play in the house these last 2 years! My bad! Another great parenting skill of mine!

This is Ace and Josh (Tammy Petersons oldest boy) it was so cute watching them play!

Look at that cute pose he does after he throws the ball, its like he is already a pro!

He hit the ball and tried to run the bases but got a little nervous about stepping on the base, see at home we just have pillows and things, not real bases! But Aunt Debbies was there to help him slide into first.

This is Ace playing first base, he was sure someone was gonna hit it to him! Cant wait to frame these next to his pictures from High School Baseball one day!

Peterson Get-Together Mothers Day

We played Baseball for a little while and then headed for the park!

Ace loves the playground, especially the slides.

Ace and his best friend Riley! Riley is my cousin Megan Peterson's little girl, she is 3 weeks older than Ace, but they are best friends.

Jordan and Caroline were able to come down and spend the weekend with us and they love Ace! Oh yeah Ace loves them to! He would go back with them to Idaho if I would let him!

A Blessing in more ways than ONE

Matt and I are blessed to have such a wonderful baby boy! "Rus baby T" was blessed in the church on Sunday May 10, 2009! Mothers Day!

Rusty Michael Peterson was blessed by Uncle Dan Mitchell. We are so thankful to have Dan in our family and we were honored that he was able to bless our sweet baby boy. Dan made this blessing special alopng with making me cry! Thank you Dan and Lora for being so involved with our kids and loving us all so much.

This is my cute little family! I love my husband, and I love my 2 adorable baby boys who are the best things that have ever come into my life. I wanted to say that we are so very thankful to all of our family who were able to come from everywhere (Colorado, Idaho, Roosevelt) I know that it is hard to travel long distances and its not always fun, actually I know its not fun (thats why I never visit any of you) Not cause I dont love you but because I hate being in the car that long. But thank you for being able to come and spend the weekend with us! We love you and we love you all being involved with every special thing that happens in our family, for example Rusty's baby blessing!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In Laws! Who needs them? I DO AND I LOVE THEM

I just wanted to write a thank you to my all my in-laws! I know it has been a while since I have posted a blog, but it has taken me a while to figure out what to say, okay I have also been procrastinating! But I do want to say "Thank you" to my wonderful mother in law for always coming to visit. I cant express how much I appreciate all the time that you spend with us and our kids. I am so glad that Ace and Rusty get to see you often and they love you so much and this is very important to Matt and I. You are always willing to watch the kids while I am working or when I just need a break. I know you were and are a wonderful mother to your kids and you are a wonderful grandmother to Ace and Rusty! Thank you for loving us as much as you do.

And Bart thank you for loaning Carrie to us all those times and for working so hard and then packing up the same night and driving 10 hours to see us and your grandkids. We do appreciate this even though we do not tell you enough. Let me just tell you all how amazing my father in law is! Matt and I have been trying to put our yard in for 2 years and we decided to rent a tiller and start over Easter, well Bart flew out Friday night and Sat morning he was out with Matt getting my yard all done, he rented a trencher and bought pipe for our yard and put all our sprinklers in, then after it rained on them and they were all exhausted they spent Easter Sunday with us and he flew home to Colorado to start a whole new week of work! Thank you for all your help we love you!

I also want to say thank you to Jordan and Caroline who come out all the time and help me with the kids, thanks Jordan for helping with my yard over Easter, we couldnt have done it without you. Dan (my reliable hardworking brother in law) Thank you for always motivating the family and jumping right in to help. Lora is alwasy here to help me with the kids and color my hair (that I appreciate more than anyone knows) Frank and Kayla....always good for a good time, I love hanging out and talking with you guys and I know I can always call you when I need someone to help me with the kids or anything really! Cort you are making us all proud doing God's work in Arica! I love you all so much. I couldnt ask for better in laws you all mean so much to me and it does mean alot that on your vacation here to hang out you always manage to find some work to do around my house for me. You are all the best!

PS remember I still have a basement once the yard is in..... Just kidding

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My sisters!

Nothing better than having a great family. Me, Lora and Kayla at our cousins wedding in Beaver this weekend.
These are 2 of my three sister-in-laws. I love them to death, we always have so much fun and laugh the entire time we are together! We played cards games this weekend and spent a lot of quality time together as sisters! It was a blast, Kayla shared an adjoining room with us this weekend and her a Frank were a big help with the kids. Lora is always helping too, but lucky me she was 2 rooms down, so she couldnt bring them back as fast. Just kidding I love my kids, but I love the breaks too!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beyond the Jelly Beans.......Finding Faith in Christ

I think it is easy to get caught up in the fun exciting part of Easter, hiding the baskets, finding the baskets, finding Easter eggs all over the yard, eating way more candy than any one person should ever eat in a day! While all of these are enjoyable, it is easy to overlook what is "Beyond the Jelly Beans"
This Easter we started the morning off by watching a movie recommended to us by Lora and Dan. Finding Faith in Christ! It was nice to start off our morning remembering Jesus Christ and the sacrafices he made for us. To spend some time together as a family and watching this amazing DVD. (If any of you havent seen this whether you are a church member or not) I do recommend it. It reminded me that this day is not about candy and egg hunts but about someone much larger in life than all of this.....Jesus Christ.
Thank you Lora and Dan for starting this tradition that I believe we should continue every year, and since Lora and Dan will prob come to our house each year it looks like it may be their tradition as well. So thanks again for encouraging us to see "Beyond the Jelly Beans"

Easter Sunday Adventure

Ace found his Easter basket in the front room. It had puzzles and the Stuart Little Collection DVD's, a kite and some dinosaurs and of course some candy, but it also had fruit cups something healthy!
Every year we go to Grandma Scoffields for an Easter eggs hunt and then lunch! We wouldnt miss it for the world, this is the first year Ace really knows what he is doing. I am sure with a few more years under his belt, he will be an amazing egg finder just like his dad!

Ace was getting the hang of looking for the eggs in trees and in the flower beds and all over Grandma Scoffields yard, there are lots of places to hide eggs here!

It was such a beautiful day and there were hundreds of eggs all over the yard, thank goodness they are not all filled with candy, what a sugar high Ace would have. Most of them are filled with nickles and dimes, he found $11.97 to add to his piggy bank.

Ace found so many eggs we had to dump his basket twice into a walmart bag so he could carry his basket around.

Easter at the Wilcox Home

We always go to my moms for Easter. The Easter bunny brought Rusty a cute floor entertainer!

He was sound asleep and couldnt even appreciate it!

My mom and my sister tried to wake him up......But it wasnt working.

Major (my brothers dog) we call him our Nephew tried to wake him up.......still no luck!

So we let him sleep there until he was ready to wake up and play with his Grandma Wilcox!

My dad was outside playing with Ace's Easter surprise. These are cute letters that they can take apart and spell words and Ace loves it and it is a learning toy too!

This one is for you Uncle Dan

I couldnt figure out why Ace always had his tools under his race car track in his room. I never saw him playing under there but his tools and toolbox were always there! Why is that? Well one day I caught him playing under there and asked Ace "What are you doing" he replied "Fixing the car" It is then that I realized that all those times that Uncle Dan watches Ace he is doing something mechanical outside. I remember him always working on Loras car last summer, this must be where we gets it. How cute!

He has his hammer and drill and screwdriver under his car table in his room, he throws them under there and then lays on his back and pulls himself under the table, just like you would if you were working on a car!

My baby Ace is the cutest ever!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby Rustys First 2 Months Flying By

Baby Rusty is now 2 months old and he just went in for his check up today. Dr. Allred said everything looks great! He is doing all the things he should be doing at his age. He is 13.3# (90th Percentile) he is 23 1/4 inches long (80th Percentile) and his head is only 30th Percentile. But that doesnt mean he wont be a genius, it just means all those shirts that I could never get over Ace's big fat head will fit Rusty! All is well, but he is so tired now he has been sleeping since we got home 4 hours ago. I would to if I had to get 5 shots and 1 oral immunization! At least they combined some of the vaccines and he only had to get 3 injections and 1 oral. He still didnt like it. But he only cried for a minute.