Kelly, Matt, Ace & Rusty

Kelly, Matt, Ace & Rusty
I love my family. My husband and my two little boys are the most important things in my life. I love them with all mny heart, how can I not they are so cute!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Who can get away with dancing on the coffee table?



If you all didn't know if Ace doesn't make it as a Major League Baseball Player, he is gonna be an exotic table dancer!

Carrie and I were looking through some CD's that were not labeled and one of mine I put in and pushed play, the macarana came on and Ace busted out some moves on the coffee table. Carrie and I were laughing so hard we were both almost in tears!


  1. thats funny! how could he be related to Bart?

  2. hahahahaha! Thats so great!!! Matt tought him didnt he! Oh man that just made my day! Love you guys!

  3. Oh my gosh!! That was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time! I loved it! I can't wait for Curt to get home from school today so I can play it for him! Between now and then I will probablly watch it a half a dozen more times and laugh twice as hard each time! It is so cute! I loved the hands on the knees booty shake!! He is too cute!!