Kelly, Matt, Ace & Rusty

Kelly, Matt, Ace & Rusty
I love my family. My husband and my two little boys are the most important things in my life. I love them with all mny heart, how can I not they are so cute!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our New Dog Khloee!

We adopted this dog from Quail Pointe Vet Hospital in March or April this year. She was surrendered to the clinic because her family couldnt take care of her due to financial reasons. She needed to be spayed and have both her knees surgically repaired. So we decided to fix her up and bring her home. She is 4 years old and she is great with my kids. Her name is Khloee.

She loves Ace, and tolerates him holding her all the time.

He loves to lay on my bed with her and watch TV. She doesnt mind as long as she is getting attention.

What a great dog, give her love or food and she is happy.

Khloee is the best little dog we have ever had. We love her so much and we are so thankful she found her way into our lives.

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