Kelly, Matt, Ace & Rusty

Kelly, Matt, Ace & Rusty
I love my family. My husband and my two little boys are the most important things in my life. I love them with all mny heart, how can I not they are so cute!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Christmas time this year was so fun, 2 kids to shop for and lots of toys this year!

Ace loves looking for the perfect tree, he must take after his dad

Ace got plate of cookies and milk ready for Santa, oh yeah and some carrots

He had to try one to make sure they were was not any poison in them, I told him they should be safe I didn't make them.

This year Rusty man got a rocket ship from Grandma Wilcox.

And Ace got a dinosaur, this thing is so cool even I want to play with it.

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  1. This is a comment about all the pictures below as well!! Your boys are so adorable! They have such bright smiles. It is making me smile just looking at their pictures!! I love Ace's cute spiky hair and Rusty is such a smiley little guy!